Contractual Service

1) Preparation of various power plant and related substation’s commercial and technical documents/specifications of EPC contracts:


Commercial Documents:
  • o Agreement
  • o Particular Condition
  • o General Condition


Technical Documents:
  • o Basic Design Documents And Drawings
  • o Scope of Work
  • o Design Data and Guarantee Figures
  • o Technical Schedules
  • o Technical Specification of Main Equipment
  • o Technical Specification of Balance Of Plant (BOP) Equipment
  • o Technical Specification of Instrumentation And Control System
  • o Technical Specification of Civil Works
  • o Technical Specification of Installation Works


2) Drafting, acquiring and evaluating engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) proposals for various power plant and substation projects:

  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Preparation of Tendering Formalities
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Finalizing EPC Contract


3) Engineering and consulting services of BOO and BOT power plant project (IPP) on:

  • Energy Conversion Agreements / Guaranteed Electricity Purchase Agreements
  • Engineering, Procurement And Construction (EPC) Contracts
  • Operation & Maintenance Contracts


4) Preparation of contractual documents, technical specifications and estimating price of various contracts between EPC contractor and its subcontractors/manufacturers.

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